Releasing his debut album in 2015 titled Throwback under Tartelet Records and a collaborative effort with Max Graet in 2016, Glenn Astro returns with yet another collaboration album along side Hodini aka Hulk Hodn.

The project ‘Turquoise Tortoise‘ was not written and recorded in the classical sense of a collaboration as Astro explains:

We had the idea of doing an album together for quite a while, but with one of us living in Cologne and the other one in Berlin we never really had the chance to spend enough time together in one place and go to the studio together properly.

The new 13-track Double header LP comes via R&S Records sublabel Apollo. With the distance between Berlin and Cologne, the pair had to work on the trax separately, but exchanging key elements/ FX taken from each of the ‘completed’ trax and weaving them in to each of the productions as little references to each other. The pair also worked with taleted artists such as knowsum, Ajnascent and MC Pinty. Max Graef shows up to play bass on the vibey b-boy workout ‘Malaysian Moped’.

For some Minimal Jazzy Detroit House infused with a dash of Hip Hop and Broken Beats, look no further than this Future Soul experiment. Check out more reviews here


Turquoise Tortoise by Glenn Astro & Hodini


01. Viktor & The Quasar (feat Ajnascent)
02. Malaysian Moped (feat Knowsum & Max Graef)
03. Funky Dude
04. Found! (feat Ajnascent)
05. Ze Regal
06. El Gato
07. Blue Cheese
08. Magic America
10. Oha!
11. Beautiful Music (feat MC Pinty)
12. Moo$
13. Earth-Moon-Connection

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