We chat to Fka Mash, South Africa’s rising star. Fka Mash is a DJ/Producer born and raised in Soweto (Johannesburg, South Africa). He his been making music since 2006 and djing since 2010 as a way to get himself out there. He went on to work with labels such Baainar Records, Surreal Sounds, Stay True Sounds and Kalushi Recordings. Did Remixes for Nkokhi, Boddhi Satva, Kid Fonque, DMalice, Ntsakosoul & Afro Warriors. He has Collaborated with Naak Musiq, Tahir Jones, Fortune Shumba, Samthing Soweto, Jazzuelle & Myazisto.

Hi Fka Mash thanks for joining us. Describe how it all started.

Back in primary school, a mate of mine brought me games and music on a hard drive and I bumped into version 3 of Fruity Loops (now FL Studio) then I installed it just out of interest, eventually that interest grew into a passion. I was already collecting music by then.

Describe your creative environment. What DAW and plugins do you use?

I work alone most of the time. In my room. I hardly make music outside of my space. I use FL Studio. I used default plugins on FL most of my life, only recently did I jump on Waves, Massive etc. Even to this day I still use the default plugins because of their particular tone and simply because I’m so used to them. I haven’t bought hardware synths yet, but I’d love to do so in the near future.

Tell us about the story behind the term ‘Glitch’. Whats the original seed that ultimately grew into this type of sound?

A remix I did for Blaq Sons of a song called Modern Life Trends. I called it the Glitch Dub because I made a dub of the song and I had created a lot of Glitches in the vocal and messed around with it quite a lot. The sound then evolved from song to song into what it is now.

What’s your approach to a collaboration. Vocally wise and instrumental productions. Do you meet up with collaborators in studio or otherwise?

Depends on how I feel really. But I hardly collaborate with people I’ve never met, it makes it really hard to kind of gauge other person’s energy when I haven’t met them. Because I really love working alone, I’m also very selective about who I collaborate with. So it all depends on the energy.

Congratulations on your 21st of April Truth Debut (Midrand, South Africa ). Truth being one of the best electronic clubs in South Africa, how does it feel to be booked to play there?

Thank you. Playing Truth was a dream come true. And playing there exceeded my expectations, I’m still really happy about that evening. I can’t wait to go back again and share my music with the people at Truth.

How is it like releasing on Stay True and how has Kid Fonque’s and other artist’s work and presence within the label inspired or influenced your own work?

Stay True has been really good for my career. I love how I’ve managed to go from strength to strength and meet new people through my music.

Who’s your current favourite producer?

Fka Mash. Haha😂😂😂

Do bookings and releases fit the bill? Or do you have a full time job?

They don’t fit the bill yet… But being Fka Mash is my full-time job. It’s my life. Maybe in future I’ll try out some new things out of interest and who knows? Maybe that interest will also grow into a passion

What do you do for fun if you’re not djing or creating your musical masterpieces?

I’m usually sit with my family and just talk and make fun of people. Most of my time is spent making music… I haven’t even been to the movies in a while now that I think about it… I hope Lazarusman is reading this because I’m about to take him up on that Infinity War offer.

What are you excited for, coming through 2018 and beyond?

I’m excited about creating more deeper connections with my people through my music. I’m excited about playing events I’ve been dreaming about playing. This year alone I’m looking forward to making my dream of playing at Spring Fiesta come true and I’ve started a movement called #FkaMashForSpringFiesta in my quest to get there. I’m also working on a couple of projects I can’t mention yet… I have a lot in store. Stay tuned.

I didn’t even realise this was the last question because I was having so much fun answering these. Thank you for this platform. God bless

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Bookings: [email protected]

Social media details

Facebook – @realfkamash / Fka Mash

Twitter – @realfkamash

Instagram – @realfkamash

Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/realfkamash

Mixcloud – www.mixcloud.com/realfkamash

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