We had the opportunity to chat with the talented DJ / producer from London, United Kingdom. The new alias of veteran London producer ‘MrCenzo‘.

Finest Wear sound is Warm, Atmospheric, Restrained & Imaginative. A sound that is truly timeless and simply just keeps progressing forward.

Currently as Finest Wear he has found himself new homes on labels such as Nordic Trax, Large Music, Nite Grooves, Colour & Pitch, Inner City Recs, UM Records, Delve Deeper Records.

On a global scale the Finest Wear sound is finding its way all over countries where the versatile sound is palatable for just about anyone and any mood. Finest Wear has joined the cutting edge productions of the big names in the genre. His unique sound is starting to make waves in the Deep House scene.


Thanks for Chatting with us. First off, What inspired you to create music?

I started out DJ-ing way back in 1990 at various free raves and clubs up and down the Uk till about 2005. Then I was getting little bored of what was going on musically as the whole scene was shooting of in all kind of directions with too many different genres. To be honest I did not know where to go with what I was doing so I decided to stop playing out anymore but I still wanted to be involved in doing music in some way so I decided to try and make some music myself.

What were your main challenges in the beginning and how have they changed over time?

My main challenge was to learn how to use the music software to create things and also to find my own sound. It was very frustrating at first as I started on a PC with Cubase which I really could not get my head around as I was only used to putting two records together so it was a massive learning curve. I then decided to approach a couple of good friends to help me learn the basics of Logic and Reason which I spent many hours/days/weeks sitting in with them while they were working their magic which really did help me to find my own way with it all so I invested in a decent Mac and things finally panned out.

What DAW and plugins do you use?

I used to use Logic and Reason together but now as Logic has got so much better I only use Logic. My main plugins I use are Geist / Stylus Rmx / Jupiter 8 / Modular V / SEM The list goes on and on.

How do you usually start a new track? And how do you know it’s finished?

I always start by making a groove, Get the beats rolling then the rest just kinda flows. Once I get on the keys I just hit the notes and see what comes out, To be honest the track is never finished you just got to learn to take your self away from it once you feel its at a good point and just leave it alone, Get on with the next piece.

Tell us a little more about your latest EP ‘Love Is Deep’ Ft Anita Out on Nordic Trax. What’s the story behind that?

I have not really worked with vocalist’s in the past, just mainly use vocal cuts here n there. So this came from an idea I had where I wanted to work with my good long time friend ANITA. We were both into the Uk garage scene when it first started and ANITA had a couple of big hits working along side garage artist Double G So I really wanted to use ANITA on my sound that I have homed as I knew she would sit perfect on what I was creating. So we got together in the studio and managed to get the idea down for ‘Love Is Deep’ which is getting some great support.

Tell us about Sonder. Whats it all about?

SONDER is something me and my good friend James Nelson decided to put together. As I have not really been DJ-ing for a while now I wanted to get out there again so instead of trying to approach clubs to get myself booked (which does not happen like this anymore) we decided to do our own thing and start a new night where I can play what I am creating and of course to play plenty of other great music that is out there too. We had our first night in Oxford which was a great success and we have secured 4 more dates to run this year at the same venue. We are also currently in talks for other parties to take place in other venues in the UK and also abroad. Watch this space cause SONDER is coming…. 🙂

Can you reflect on the city of London. How’s the underground scene there?

It has many things going on. There has been plenty of places closing down but there has also been plenty of new places popping up here and there which have all got their own stamp on the underground sound. What is underground these days anyway?. You need to be here to get a feel of whats going in the underground scene

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

To be finally getting the recognition for what I am doing by receiving personal comments from respected artist’s in the scene. I am not one for name dropping but these are artists that I have followed and respected for many years and still do to this day. It’s also nice when I get random messages from complete strangers telling me to stick with what I am doing as the music has touched them. Thats what its all about to me, Feeling the vibe.. 🙂

If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?

For dance music it has to be the early 90s for me as these were the best happy times. No one cared who the Dj was, It was all about the music not like they do these days. If I could go in a time machine though I would go back to the early 60’s for the whole Motown vibe.

What are you excited for, coming through 2018 and beyond?

Well I have a new Ep coming out on Nite Grooves around July which I am happy about as this is another label I have always respected so to be releasing on there is a massive goal for me again. This one has the vocals of Si Franks who is one half of UK fame the AUDIO BULLYS and there is also another track on the Ep with ANITA again so look out for that one. I also have a new release coming out on Sumsuch’s Colour & Pitch label again which is more of that underground flavour. I got plenty more to come so as long as people are feeling what I am doing I’ll keep doing what I am doing.. Peace… 🙂

Check out Finest Wear Exclusive Dj set for The Deeper Avenue 



1. Audiojackal – ‘Back In Da Dayz’ – Loco Records

2. Finest Wear – ‘Just A Track’ – Nordic Trax

3. Erefaan Pearce – ‘PPL’ – Things We Make

4. Finest Wear – ‘The Beat Down’ – Nite Grooves

5. Lazare Hoche & Malin Genie – ‘Follow’ (feat. Mar) – Lazare Hoche Recs

6. Finest Wear – Love Is Deep feat Anita – Nordic Trax

7. Local Options – ‘Goosepumps’ – LARGE

8. Finest Wear – ‘Take Me Back’ Ft Si Franks (Main Mix) Nite Grooves

9. Demarkus Lewis – ‘Hold High’ (Roland Nights Remix) Inner City Recs

10. Tahir Jones – ‘Keeper’ – Rouge Decibels

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Traxsource ‘Love Is Deep’ Release – http://smarturl.it/NT093/traxsource

Beatport ‘Love Is Deep’ Release – https://www.beatport.com/release/love-is-deep-ep/2277061

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