The Deeper Avenue Crew gets chatting with Pedro Pires aka American DJ about his 18 year long career in the electronic music scene. American Dj is a DJ and producer natural from Yonkers (New York) currently Based in Braga (Portugal) started Djing at the age of 17 and has released on numerous labels and manages eight labels.

Thanks for chatting to us and congratulations on reaching 18 years in electronic music scene. Tell us how it all began? What gave you the initial push to start pursuing an electronic music career?

Thanks guys, the pleasure is all mine.
Well, it all begon when i was 15, i was still minor but, a friend of mine knew a way of getting us into a club trough a security guy he knew. When i steped inside and felt the “loud” music pumping i was sucked in, completely. I never felt so connected to something like this before. My friends were all dancing and going nuts, i was frozen but, enjoying the dancefloor’s happyness and the rejoicing in the dj’s face.

Things changed after this, i could only focus on learing more about “what is a dj” and how could i mix (what machines i could get to learn).
There wasen’t much info and in my city only had one or two dj’s at the time. Was kind of hard to get infomation and start. After one year, at 16, some friends, that knew about my dream, got me a gig in a local pub. Was magical! After this, everything came naturally, started to work as resedent dj and the first invitations to play in other clubs appeared.

Describe your creative environment, what are your essential or favourite tools and plugins that you can’t go without?

I started in the vinyl era then, passed in to cd’s and later on to laptop. Currently, i’m working more with digital players and trying to bring in again the turntables, when possible. Essential tool? Have to say Teil 1 (thekeinedelay).

Describe your day-to-day management of your various labels. How many are they and if you  have a full time team to help you out?

I currently manage 8 labels. Three of them release in vinyl and digital format, the others are all digital, for now. The team has only one member: me (laughs).

What would you consider as the most stand out track or tracks from your back catalogue to date?

It’s very difficult to choose one. All music is selected because i believe they should be released and listened to.

Having played at various gigs, what would you say was the best and why?

I think the “best” is still to come, really don’t believe in absolute truths. I loved playing in all but, it’s never enough, it’s never perfect. Can’t be, because i always want more and better. But i can point out some bad ones if you want? (laughs) Just kidding.

You have been in the industry for 18 years now, what would you say were your main challenges? And what made you not to give up?

The idea is to keep your mind open to new ideas and accept advice from other people. Things keep changing and we need to know how to adapt, its the do or die
I can’t give up, my life is dedicated to music, till the end.

What would you say was the highlight of your career so far?

Year by year, things changed a lot. Had a few years with a lot of gigs, some with less, but always with the same time dedication to music: 24h. If i’m not playing music, i’m producing music, if i’m not producing, i’m releasing music through the labels i manage.

How’s the underground scene in Braga, Portugal?

Maybe not at its best moment. But i have hope (smile).

Who’s your current favourite producer and why?

There are so many out there … Okay, have to say “&lez”, never seen someone so deditated in producing music. It’s not easy to be on his side when he is producing, his mind closes in and he dosen’t speak, he lives it, for real. Beside his focus, he developed his own style and presents only good music, one after the other. Love this guy!

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

If you gonna do it, do it for the love of music!


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Pedro Pires aka American DJ (Braga, Portugal) | The Deeper Avenue Mix Series #004 [exclusive vinyl set]

1.Marcus Worgull – Skango (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
2.Cioz – Arbol (Orignal Mix) [Monaberry]
3.Nuiton – Out Of Prism (Oriignal Mix) [Exit Strategy]
4.Trikk – Vilara (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
5.Mind Against & Aether – Eclipse (Original Mix) [Afterlife]
6.Andhim – Rollercoaster (Original Mix) [Monaberry]
7.Nuiton – Morning Thesis (Original Mix) [Exit Strategy]
8.Dka & Jon Mosto – Savana (Original Mix) [Br�xsel Jardin]
9.Denis Horvat – Randomize (Original Mix) [Exit Strategy]
10.Rodriguez Jr. – Mistral (Marc Romboy’s Trip to Jupiter) [Systematic]
11.Denis Horvat – Natural Causes (Original Mix) [Afterlife]
12.Abstract Division – Crossing Borders (Original Mix) [Figurejams]
13.Jonas Kopp – Metatron (Original Mix) [Ownlife]
14.DJ Lily – Paradigm (Original Mix) [Bror Records]
15.Tom Flynn – No Limit (Original Mix) [Exit Strategy]

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