With lots going on in the world of Afro House, The Deeper Avenue Crew managed to chat to the Italian Dj and Producer ‘Ped One‘. Relatively a newbie in the production class, Ped One has been on the decks since 1996. With releases on labels such as MoBlack Records (Italy), Arawakan Records (USA), MuziTanium Recordings (South Africa), Open Bar MUSIC (USA), Azucar Distribution (USA), Ped One’s Afro jewels have slowly but surely catched the ears of the underground scene.

Thanks for joining us. First off, Production wise, what are your essential or favourite tools and plugins that you can’t go without? 

When I usually produce I always  use the same tools, like the keyboards … my Novation launchkey in particular and all its pad functions. For the rest I have no preferences, I use plugins and other tools depending on the work I am doing.

How do you usually start developing an idea when producing a new track?

In most cases it is pure inspiration, which can arise from listening to a single sound, or from a simple idea that takes shape as I work on it.

Having a broad and eclectic music taste, what would you describe as your signature sound?

I never liked to define music and catalog it in genres, I always liked to listen and “play”, to propose different musical genres in my dj sets, merging various sounds between them … then the background is fundamental…the roots , the musical culture inherited from my parents, the vinyl collections, etc … have given me strong bases since I was a child from where I could start. So I think that my musical taste wide and eclectic and why not characteristic is due to this …

You’ve been djing since ’96. What would you say are your favourite trax/releases between ’96 and now? ( just to name a few).

This is a good question …

I started DJ-ing maybe in the most beautiful period of the history of House Music …
Of songs at the time there were many and one better than the other … In rotation labels churned out fantastic records …
But I do not want to dwell …
Among my favorite songs surely there were:
  • Lood feat. Donell Rush – Shout-N-Out
  • Voices – Voices In My Mind (MAW Mix)
  • India – Love & Happiness
  • Silicon Soul – Right on
  • Lil Louis & The World – I Called U
  • Black Magic – Freedom
  • Ultra Naté – Free
  • Lil “Mo” Yin Yang – Reach (Little “More” Mix)
  • Todd Terry – Jumpin’
  • Lil Louis “Club Lonely (Lonely People)
  • Byron Stingily – Get Up
  • John Smooth – Promised land
  • Eddie Amador – House Music

 …and many many more

In the past two years or so, you’ve recently released trax on labels such as MoBlack Records (Italy), Arawakan Records (USA), MuziTanium Recordings (South Africa), Open Bar MUSIC (USA), Azucar Distribution (USA). Who or what was your main influence in producing those Afro House tunes?

Musically I have always followed the genre Afro, in my sets especially in the past (1999-2003) I proposed long sessions of a genre called Tribal … there were some E.p. collections of many beautiful instrumental tracks and I liked to alternate them and mix them to the records of House and Tech House, the sounds were purely focused on the rhythmic percussion: congas, bongos, latin percussion, etc … Then gradually these sounds with the evolution of genres, they have become more and more an integral part of them … giving life to other genres … as afrosoul, afrohouse, afrotech, etc … and the same goes for other genres as Soulful, House, Deep, etc …

What made you make that initial move to produce music?

This is another good question … after so many years spent playing records and productions of other people, the style of each DJ become so personal that you feel the need as well as to seek the most appropriate sonorities to themselves and to your own “dj set” to start doing something “just” … but part of this, the input, the spark that made me start this new path was my first participation in the “ADE” (Amsterdam Dance Event) Amsterdam Film Festival in 2015 … when I returned to Italy after the 5 day Festival, I felt the need to start producing something of my own and slowly after having equipped a small “Home Studio” I started working and getting to know the machines … the rest you know.

We would love to get a sense of the underground scene back in your home town of Foggia, (Italy). Is the underground scene any different from your current location, Nola. And if so, what’s the most dominant type of sound between the two towns?

The Underground scene today is not what it used to be.

In the 90s’ Italy was one of the European capitals of the underground movement … At the time the scene offered an excellent quality of events with international artists and not just everywhere … in that period I already lived where I am now and most of the events and groups that organized these evenings with artists from all over the world such as “Angels of Love”, “Question Mark”, etc … were concentrated in the city of Naples … find  the difference between the various scenes in the past was very difficult because in any place of Italy there was, the “House Music” was the master even if there were the exceptions … and you were kidnapped depending on the place from the real musical journeys … today there are many groups and organizations of events, many have become “niche” but the quality of artists and music is no longer what it once was … .this also because of the new genres, new generations, the new way of living “nightlife “and the approach to music in general, which in Italy in my opinion is different from the rest of Europe.

The Deeper Avenue | Ped One

We’ve seen the up rise trend of Afro House to the global underground scene. With artist’s such as Black Coffee entering Dj Mag’s Top 100 and the addition of the genre into Beatport. In your own opinion, where do you see this trend heading towards the future?

Yes, Afro House has finally become a genre and as such has already suffered many contaminations. The nice thing is that today the world speaks “Afro”, thanks above all to artists like “Black Coffee” and many others who have spread this genre around the world proposing their roots and their keys in their “sets” reading a constantly evolving sound that I believe in the future will still reserve many surprises, both in terms of productions and new artists.

As for the inclusion of the “AFRO” genre on the Beatport portal I think it was now …. As I said before Afro House is a genre and  finally deserves to be included in one of the largest and most used portals together with Traxsource of music sales online.

Who is your current favourite producer(s)? And what stands out (about them/her/him)?

Good question once again … .there are many and very good … certainly I like Black Coffee, Djeff Afrozilla, Atjazz, Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega … and many many others … .the one that stands out from every single artist … Well … I really like their way of expressing their roots, their musical culture and their “style” in particular through their productions … in the sense that you realize immediately when a record was made by one of these artists.

Moving through the year. What’s on your creative time line. What are you excited about? (Future projects we should expect)?

Yes..I’m in continuous movement … I hope to continue to produce and release new musical projects … why not even new collaborations …
I’m happy when I’m in the studio because every time I’m there, can be the birth of a new track …
For the future?
Certainly new productions and then new works … but also new remixes … new works experiences and events.
Thanks for the interview….guys.
Peace, love and good music to all.


Thanks Ped One. Connect with Ped One





Ped One | The Deeper Avenue Mix Series #001

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/thedeeperavenue/ped-one-nola-italy-the-deeper-avenue-mix-series-001/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 autoplay=1]


1) Laolu & Mr Raoul K – Djougou Yah Feat. Ahmed Sosso (Original Mix)

2) Marco Resmann ft. Deep Aztec & Black Soda – Babylon Side

3) Marco Resmann ft. Deep Aztec – Abadala

4) Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME) – Muyè (Black Coffee Remix)

5) Chus & Ceballos, Dennis Cruz – The Sun (Vocal Mix)

6) CamelPhat, Elderbrook – Cola (Original Mix)

7) Black Coffee – Inkondlo Kamashimane

8) Budda Sage – Morning Mist (Original Mix)

9) Budda Sage – Chop chop (Original Mix)

10) DeMajor, Lizwi – Traveller (Kususa & QueTornik Official Remix)

11) Budda Sage – African Spirit (Original Mix)

12) Skaiva – Imicabango (Antonio Deep Scarano & Andrea Curato Hammond Remix)

13) Djeff Afrozila – Labyrinth

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